What ID documents are accepted?

Find out what ID document you need to register for an IELTS test in Canada.

You must have one of these documents:

  • Passport (from any country)
  • or a Canadian Permanent Resident card (PR card)

When you book a test, you need to upload a digital image of your ID document. A scan or clear colour photo will be accepted. The image MUST show all 4 corners of your ID document clearly and there should be no glare.

It says my ID is "unverified". What does this mean?

Your ID image will show as unverified until a staff member checks it. We'll check it within a few days after you book to see if it meets IELTS requirements. If it doesn't meet the requirements, or you registered with a non-approved document, we'll ask you to upload a new copy.

I have refugee status in Canada. Can I take a test?

Yes. If your passport has been claimed by the Canadian government under refugee status, you may use your Refugee Protection Claimant Document (RPCD) as your ID for the test. Simply upload a digital copy of your claimant document as a "Passport" and enter the expiry date. Contact our office if you have any questions.

What ID documents are NOT accepted?

ID documents that are NOT accepted:

  • BCID
  • Drivers licence
  • Expired passports
  • Any other provincial identification from a Canadian province
  • Identification from a different country (except for a passport)

Can I bring a photocopy or certified copy of my passport to the test?

No. IELTS does not accept copies, even if they have been certified as the true original. You need to bring the original valid passport to your test.

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