What's the registration deadline for IELTS?

Find out when you should book a test.

All tests have a registration deadline of at least 80 hours before the test starts. This is the same for both paper and computer tests.


  • You want to take a paper test on Saturday. The latest you can book a test is Tuesday at 11:59 pm.
  • You want to take a computer test at 1:00 pm on Thursday. The latest you can book a test is Monday at 5:00 am.

I started to register but didn't finish. Do I need to start again?

If you started a booking, you might be able to log back on to your account to finish it. It will save your progress for up to 24 hours. The final stage of registration is paying for your test. After you have paid, your registration is completed. If you log in and do not see your application in progress, please start again.

It says I have up to 24 hours to pay for the test. Am I registered?

No. You are NOT registered for a test until you pay for it. The system will save your application in progress for up to 24 hours. Make sure you pay for your test before the 80-hour registration deadline.

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