About One Skill Retake

The One Skill Retake allows candidates to retake one part of their IELTS test, with an opportunity to receive a higher score. 

If you took your computer-based test at ILAC on or after January 2, 2024, you are eligible for the One Skill Retake option.

How much is the One Skill Retake?

The fee is $228 at the ILAC Vancouver Test Centre (688 West Hastings Street).

Who can book the One Skill Retake?

You can book a One Skill Retake if:

  • you have taken your computer-delivered test within the last 60 days
  • and you do not currently have a remark in progress.

    How do I book a One Skill Retake?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I take 2 One Skill Retake tests?

    No, you can only choose one skill to retake. If you need to increase your score in more than one skill, you should take a new IELTS test including all 4 skills.

    Do I need to take One Skill Retake at the same test centre?

    No, you can choose any test centre that offers One Skill Retake near you. However, IELTS recommends booking a One Skill Retake in the same country as your original test.

    Will my e-TRF show if I took a One Skill Retake test?


    Will the One Skill Retake be accepted by my organization?

    The One Skill Retake test is not accepted by all organizations yet. If you are applying to an academic institution, check with the admissions office to confirm they will accept results from a One Skill Retake. If you are applying to IRCC, most programs do not accept One Skill Retake yet. Check on the website or contact an IRCC representative to confirm.

    Should I book a One Skill Retake or request a remark of my test?

    Read more about this here.

    I took a computer test at ILAC before January 2, 2024, but it was less than 60 days ago. Can I book a One Skill Retake?

    Unfortunately, your booking is not eligible for the One Skill Retake program. Only tests taken on January 2, 2024 or later are eligible, because this is when we launched the new computer-based testing system. The One Skill Retake is not available on the old system.

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