What are the timings/schedule on test day?

IMPORTANT: The first section of your test may be IELTS Speaking or IELTS Listening. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before whichever section is first.

TimingSectionImportant to remember
Arrive between 30 to 45 minutes before your first section.Arrival and check in
If you arrive less than 15 minutes before the test, you will be considered absent from the test and will not receive a refund or transfer.
30 minutes IELTS Listening Test
Takes place on a computer.
60 minutes IELTS Reading Test
Takes place on a computer.
60 minutes IELTS Writing Test
Takes place on a computer. Complete both writing tasks. On-screen word count is available.
20 minutesIELTS Speaking TestA face-to-face interview with an IELTS examiner. Your speaking test may take place before or after the other sections, on the same day.

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