Declare an undelivered Test Report Form

If your official IELTS Test Report Form does not arrive by mail, you can declare your TRF as undelivered up to 3 months after your results have been released. We will re-issue a replacement.

  1. Download the Undelivered TRF Declaration Form.
  2. Complete with Adobe Reader and save to your device. If you do not have access to a computer or Adobe Reader, you can print and scan a copy.
  3. Email us the form as an attachment.

If you don’t tell us within 3 months, you will need to order and pay for a new copy here. There is a reissuing fee of $30.00.

I moved address. Can you send me a new TRF?

Please contact our office by emailing [email protected] to update your mailing address immediately.

If you tell us before your results are released: We can update your address and send your TRF to your new address. 

If you tell us after your results are released: Place an order for a new Test Report Form through our website. The fee is $30.

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