Send your results to an organization

I am applying to a university or college

Your test centre can send your IELTS results directly to a university or college.

Option 1: When you book the test

  • Include the names of the universities/colleges on your test booking details. 
  • When your results are released, we will automatically send your results to your universities/colleges.
  • We will always send an e-TRF if possible. However, some universities/colleges will not accept e-TRFs from test centres. If yours doesn't, we will need to mail a copy to them. 
  • There is no cost for Option 1.

If you didn't do Option 1 when you booked a test, you can use Option 2.

Option 2: After your results are released

  • Request to send your results to universities/colleges after your results are released. 
  • The fee is $30 + tax for each university/college.
  • Place your request here.

I am applying to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)

IELTS test centres do not send results directly to IRCC. However, you can submit your results on the IRCC application portal yourself.

When you receive your paper copy of the Test Report Form, scan or take a photo and upload it with your application. IRCC may request a physical copy.

Important: If you plan to later apply for Citizenship in Canada, keep your paper TRF copy in a safe place. 2 years after your test date, you can't request a new copy anymore.

I am applying to an employer or private company

Please check with the company you are applying to for instructions. 

If the company requests an official paper copy from the test centre, we can mail or courier a copy to them. Make a request here.

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